The First Small Step

The first small step is the first story mission for Griffon’s flight.

The party of wardens travelled through the passage which leads through the bracilian forest on their way to a village of Kollings where they were instructed to find an old fort and take it for the Grey Wardens to help expand their order and to combat the threat of rising darkspawn.

Whist travelling through the forest a young dalish girl ran out in front of the party followed by 3 human hunters who caught her. The wardens questioned the men on what had happened and they explained she was caught rummaging through their camp. Bastien asked the men what she stole and a further frisk of her revealed nothing. The men wanted to teach her a lesson and vowed they wouldn’t kill her over something like this. After some stern intimidation the hunters agreed to leave the girl be and return back to their game hunting. She thanked the wardens and returned to her camp safely.
Arriving in Kollings the party passed through and went past a market where they decided to stock u on supplies from local merchants. Soon before heading down to the road they were chased after by a man asking if they were heading to Blackliegh keep and informed them that it was overrun with bandits who has captured his son asking for a random.
The wardens arrived at the keep and while Bastien devised a plan to stealth their way in while Collyn decided to walk right up to the door and bluff their way in. Failing to do so he cut the doorman and returned to the party who then all went back to the village to form a plan. Tathris decided to ask Collyn for help in borrowing a farmhands ladder while Bastien bought supplies for homemade bombs and kindly asked Mehgan to put them together with her crafting talents. Bastien then went back to the castle on horseback and scouted around the side of the castle with a spyglass from the treeline whilst the rest stayed in the village to carry a ladder to the cart and then meet Bastien at the castle.

When doing so they used the ladder to get up into a small empty room and after some exploration found the old abandoned servant’s quarters were one found an old bath and another found an old abandoned privy which Collyn proceeded to use. After more exploration they ventured into the courtyard where a battle began between the bandits and the wardens. Mostly the bandit archers against Bastien and Meghan. Meanwhile Collyn and Tathris ventured lower into a dungeon room where they came face to face with two gaurds taunting a young boy in a cell. Collyn brutally murdered a guard by slowly forcing his sword down their throat and the other becoming so scared he ran out of the dungeon only to be killed by one of Bastien’s arrows. Once The boy was safe they returned to the courtyard and proceed to help with the fight.

Once all the archers had been cleared from the parapets Bastien proceeded to explore and found the bandit leader atop a viewing platform and once he saw the great two handed maul the leader was carrying bolted back down to the courtyard with the leader chasing him. All of the party threw everything they had at him and soon he went down with Collyn’s sword through his face.

Once the fort became vacant of bandits the party looked around. Bastien and Tathris found an old war room and a study where they found a crumpled note about a possibly lyrium vain from a carta thugs and a chest containing 10gp, which was easy to open with the key Tathris obtained from the leader’s body.
With the leader dead and bandits cleared out Bastien proceeded to take down the bandit flag and raise the Grey Warden flag instead signifying the completion of the first mission.

The First Small Step

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