Tathris Marri

City Elf Apostate


Born in Amaranthine’s Alienage Tathris realised at an early age that life would be tough even without the discovering of his magical talents.
He practised his spells and magic alone in his family home and in his early teens began to start using his spells to heal the sick of the alienage. Soon after he began to make and give out medicine to the people secretly to avoid any suspicion from the city guards.
Sadly one rainy day he was sat at home when the city guard burst into his home to capture him as it seemed someone alerted the guards to his magic. He decided to go peacefully as to no cause a scene and was thrown in jail while the templars were messaged and were coming from the chantry to either execute him or take him to the Circle of Magi.
Before they arrived a prison riot broke out and he saw his chance to escape. Knowing his secret was out Tathris planned to say goodbye to his family and begin his life as an apostate on the run.
However fate smiled on him when he healed someone injured in the riots and help defend them with a broom as a make-shift staff. Showing his potential they revealed themselves to be a Grey Warden and conscripted Tathris into the order.
He said goodbye to his family and left to become a Grey Warden himself…


Tathris Marri

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